Keystroke View/article pane Feed pane
left-arrow article up up level
right-arrow article down expand tree
up-arrow line up same
down-arrow line down same
alt-left-arrow browser back same
alt-right-arrow browser forward same
alt-up-arrow previous unread same
alt-down-arrow next unread same
ctrl-left-arrow mark group read same
ctrl-shift-left-arrow toggle article flag same
ctrl-right-arrow selection to focus
ctrl-shift-right-arrow open article
ctrl-up-arrow focus article up move feed up
ctrl-down-arrow focus article down move feed down
ctrl-alt-left-arrow feed up same
ctrl-alt-right-arrow feed down same
ctrl-alt-down-arrow expand/collapse feed tree same
ctrl-A select all articles
shift-delete select all articles same
delete delete articles delete feed

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