Release: NewsFox

NewsFox is released. Changes from

  • There is a separate default sort for groups.
  • Drag and drop reworked.
  • Minor
    • Livemarks reworked.
    • Blank space in invalid feeds before <?xml removed.
    • PrefBranch used instead of deprecating PrefBranch2.

Drag and drop will no longer work in Firefox prior to FF3.5.

You can now drag feeds and articles outside NewsFox to programs that will accept the drop, usually text processors. Dragging a feed will drag: a) the feed as mime type application/rss+xml, b) two bookmarks of mime type text/x-moz-url, c) two bookmarks of mime type text/uri-list, d) the feed name, url, and homepage of mime type text/plain. A program will use the first type it accepts. Dragging on to a place where bookmarks go in Firefox will use the first bookmark in b)[it seems a Firefox bug/enhancement request that it won't make a live bookmark from a)], dragging on to a text processor will use d).

Dragging an article will drag the article title, link, date, and category of mime type text/plain.

The linux drag and drop bug#24895 has not been fixed. Drag and drop is now turned off by default in linux with an about:config preference newsfox.advanced.linuxNoDragAndDrop that has a default value of true. What seems to happen in linux is that a drag gets initiated but never terminated. I haven't figured out how to work around this (presumably Firefox) bug.

The livemarks code was redone in a much easier fashion using Places code. [Mostly for developers: It was not reworked, and it looks like it needs it. Currently old live bookmarks that are not read in NewsFox are kept as extra feeds that are not displayed. They show up in the live bookmarks dialog which seems to be a mistake to me. ]

R Pruitt (wa84it AT

Beta release: NewsFox

This beta release will become version after bug fixes. I don't have time for a proper list of changes so this is short.

The usual disclaimers apply: this is a beta release so use it with caution on a backup of your Newsfox folder. I am using this on my real NewsFox folder.

The new features (where to look for bugs to fix):

  • Drag and drop reworked to be using current Firefox practice. (bug#24895)
    Drag and drop will no longer work in Firefox prior to FF3.5.
    You can now drag feeds and articles outside Firefox to appropriate programs, usually text processors. Notice what I chose to drag and make comments. Comment here.
    The linux bug is not fixed, but there is a new about:config preference newsfox.advanced.linuxNoDragAndDrop, default true, which should keep the problem from occurring.
  • There is now a default sort for groups separate from the default sort for feeds, I've been meaning to do this for ages.
  • The livemarks code is redone using PlacesUtils, much easier. Apparently in NewsFox1.0.8.4beta1, I searched over all history for RSS feeds, not just bookmarks. I haven't used it enough to know if this is a good thing. Comment here.
  • Rewritten to use PrefBranch rather than the deprecating PrefBranch2.
R Pruitt (wa84it AT

Release: NewsFox

NewsFox is released. Changes from

  • Added more capabilities for copy to clipboard. (bug#24670)
  • Removed conversion to lower case in bookmark syncing. (bug#24649)
  • Changed from parseFromStream to parseFromString due to deprecation of the former.

newsfox.advanced.copyToClipboard is a new integer about:config preference. Possible values are:

  • 0: leave the clipboard alone
  • 1: article body
  • 2: article link
  • 3: article title
  • 4: article date
  • 5: article category
  • 6: article tag
  • 7: article id
  • 8: article author
  • 9: article probability - level of interest
  • 10: article Xbody - the value of the body when using filtered web view
  • R Pruitt (wa84it AT

    For questions or comments about NewsFox, please check the forum.
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